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Edward F.
Good T-shirt, Astronomical Service

I ordered a Five Solas T-shirt from the Reformed Sage and I later got an email telling me it would take 2 to 21 days to complete making the shirt. Things happened much sooner than I expected: only three days later it was shipped out and was delivered two days after that.
I will admit that I was very impatient, waiting anxiously and expectantly. So five days felt like two weeks. But its eventual arrival definitely made up for all that waiting. When I opened the box, the shirt looked exactly like it did in the website photo, nor was it a size smaller or larger than I had ordered. And the fabric was comfortable (but also thin).
I was pleasantly surprised to find that also in the box were some pamphlets inviting me to a conference next year in mid-winter season, as well as the October print of Tabletalk magazine (which I have kept but not yet read).
After I received this order, I proudly wore my new T-shirt for all to see. I despise how there are so many charismatic Christian companies that treat God like an icon and His people like a fan club. The Reformed Sage stands out from that crowd of Christian vendors as genuinely reformed and countercultural, mocking the heresies of the times in witty ways. I am proud to be a customer of The Reformed Sage and am glad that they stayed within the promises of their production time.

Allison W.
Great shirt

Great shirt

Samuel L.
Very cool shirt.

Very cool shirt.

Dan R.

Reformed sage is great!

Linda C.

I like the directness as well as the quality of the RS. The merchandise is of exemplary quality and invokes thought from those who may not be well informed. The 5 Solas tee has allowed me to educate many of my Christian brothers and sisters as well as non-Christians on them because they were unknown to them and has opened opportunities to evangelize.

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