Everything in my store is "create on demand" after each order is placed. There is typically no premade inventory kept in stock for most items. I am a one man operation and due to order volume which fluctuates seasonally, production time for your order can vary between 2-21 days, then shipping times depending on the class of shipping you chose when you placed your order.


As of right now, since this is a one man operation, all laser engraved items are typically processed on the weekends and mailed out the first Sat, Sun, Monday after your order. Each laser engraved item is one of a kind and made by me in my home so please understand the item may appear slightly different than what is pictured in the image, within reason. Due to the laser engraving process, there is typically a margin of variation by 1-2 mm depending on the project.


Our warranty only covers any defects in craftsmanship to our cases and screen protectors. Our warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear. Our warranty does NOT cover if your case is stolen, lost, dropped, or broken from any other misuse. Or if your screen protector cracks or breaks. The Reformed Sage shall NOT be liable for any damages that our products may cause in conjunction with using our products and your phone. We do NOT guarantee that our products will protect your phone from possible damage. We do NOT offer any warranty on your phone used in connection with our products.


Living in a fallen creation and being a descendant of Adam, mistakes are going to happen. If we didn’t get your order right, or there appears to be a problem with the design or product that can be traced to the manufacturing process, we are happy to fix it for you at no charge. Please contact us at ReformedSage@gmail.com with photos of the item in question. Because we are a "create-on-demand" store, each item is uniquely created after you purchase it. Our non-laser engraved apparel is made by a vendor who we partner with. Since we partner with them, we are able to offer such a huge selection of colors sizes and product combinations to our customers. Our vendor makes and ships out the apparel on our behalf. Since your order is made “on demand” after it was placed, no inventory of premade apparel is kept. This means returns are of no value to us. We would prefer you gift the items we may have sent by mistake to friends and family.


We are thankful for your support and orders with us. If you are not satisfied with your order, we are happy to issue you a refund for value of the products you ordered minus 20% for all non-laser engraved apparel and minus 10% for all laser engraved products. This helps us manage the costs involved with having a “made on demand” business.


USPS offers a program that provides better visibility on your mail through their Informed Delivery program. You can digitally preview your mail and manage your packages scheduled to arrive soon! Informed Delivery allows you to view greyscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mail pieces and track packages in one convenient location. You can sign up for Informed Delivery here.


If it appears that God did not decree for you to receive your original order or your order was damaged during transit, we are happy to provide guidance for you to be reimbursed. We utilize USPS for the vast majority of our shipments. Their standard policy for “missing mail” can be found here. If your order was lost or damaged by UPS in transit to you, and you selected a mail class that came with insurance, you can file a claim for reimbursement using this link. Generally, as we are a very small business we cannot at this time offer free replacements for orders damaged or lost shipments. USPS’s policy is to reimburse customers whose packages were lost in transit or damaged. After this reimbursement we hope you will consider making a replacement order with us.


If USPS shows your order has been delivered and you can’t find your order, we suggest looking in and around your delivery location. Sometimes mail carriers place packages in more discreet locations to protect them from theft or weather damage. To help you locate your order we use black envelopes for smaller items, brown cardboard boxes for larger items and white “pizza” boxes for wall art. Each package will contain our logo on the outside of the package. We do not replace or offer store credit for order that have been marked “delivered” by USPS. We recommend reviewing USPS’s help guide for “delivered but not received” mail here.


If your country charges customs duties for imported orders from the US, we are not responsible and we will not pay the cost that is charged to you. We recommend you check with your local customs officials to determine if you order will incur customs duties before you place an order with us.