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Benjamin Sutton
All the quality in an affordable price

Great shirt and fits nice. Print is high quality. Worth the wait!


I love it

Hrant L.
Terrific Design

This is a terrific design. Great quality screening. High quality material (albeit on the thin side). Their recommendation of going a size up came in handy, as I did manage to shrink it juuust a smidgen in the dryer; fits just right. My mother was even able to read it (but she was born in Cyprus).

Nick P.
Greek Trinity Shirts

When I saw this shirt, I knew I was getting one. Then, two of my sons saw the shirt, and they each wanted one. We ordered a total of three shirts with the Greek Trinity seal of various sizes. When our shipment came, one of the shirts was not included (mine). I contacted the folks at Reformed Sage about the oversight, and the owner corrected the mistake immediately. Now we're rocking our shirts everywhere we go. Super comfortable, vivid colors, and a great conversation starter!

Alfonso G.
Theological sound.

There has been a debate over the last several months about the trinity. A lot of believers saying JESUS is not GOD not equal to the FATHER. Though there is tons of scriptures stating the opposite. This shirt is a great fit for me and I love it.

Now to the customer service! It’s impeccable! They reached out to me and let me know there as has been a delay in my order and accommodated me for it. I love supporting Christian businesses like this. Gus family calls it a small business, but I consider this a small business. I consider it a business. More and more people who are theologically sound needs to support this business and more like it.

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