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Jerrid W.
Great resource!

I received the Ancient Faith Study Bible last week and it is a wonderful addition to my library as well as very helpful for sermon prep. The notes and articles are very informative and bring the thoughts and understanding of the early church into the conversation with our times reminding me that there is truly nothing new under the sun! The quality is great and the bookmarks that came with it are wonderful as well. I look forward many years of productive study!

Lauren J.
Amazing and Beautiful

This Bible has been beautifully bound and is filled with amazing quotes from the Sages of old. It's wonderful to have one place to be able to go to find some of these mens' words. They were dealing with the same things we are dealing with today. It has quickly become one of my favorite Bibles!

Scott C.
Absolutely love it. Many times

Absolutely love it. Many times the history of our faith is overlooked while we look back a shorter period of time and call that history - to our shame. This study Bible gives us insight into what the ancient leaders of the church taught and believed. Well done.

Matthew P.
Matthews review

It’s awesome. One thing I’d like is it in the HCSB not the CSB .. but it’s pretty cool bible. Love the church fathers

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