SDG Seal - FW Journal

SDG Seal - FW Journal

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Fallen Ware: This journal has marking on the front due to being packed backwards by the manufacturer. The print is perfect. Sold As Is - No refunds or returns for any item sold in the FW collection.

These leatherette journals are durable and come with a premium quality print consisting of 6 layers of UV cured ink which achieves vibrant colors and a raised texture feel. Each print is protected with a clear gloss coat that ensures the artwork will survive the rigors of everyday use. Our journals are packed with features!


  • Fabric band to keep journal closed
  • 192 pages, 80gsm paper - no bleed through or feathering
  • 7.1mm lined paper, 28 lines per page
  • End to End printing
  • 180* lay flat design
  • Bookmark ribbon attached to spine
  • Expandable Gusset Rear Pocket for storage
  • Size: 8.4"x 5.7"x1.75"